Video Profiler

Video Profiler is an embedded state-of-the-art software that utilizes innovative Artificial Profiler technology in the field of video imaging-profiling. The Video Profiler is capable of tracking mobile or immobile objects from moving or fixed platforms in any video scene. Utilizing profiling technology, the Video Profiler offers advanced capabilities and superior results in object detections and tracking, even if given different lighting and weather conditions. The Video Profiler is used and tested in different applications such as: Enumeration of different objects, supermarket caddy checks, UAV vehicle tracking and many more.

Solutions Highlights:

• Unlimited target-object definition and profiling flexibility, allowing the differentiation of objects such as trucks, buses, motorcycles and pedestrians.
• Directional/zone-based profiling that makes it possible to count the number of items moving per direction or in a designated area.
• On-site continuous improvement made possible through interactive feedback mechanism, allowing the software to reach exceptionally high operational precision with minimum mistakes.
• Can be incorporated into a video surveillance suit or used as an add-on to an existing video surveillance deployment.
• Can be used with moving camera platforms such as UAV and SUV, ensuring high detection performance and robustness.
• The solution can be adjusted to almost any camera installation, thus delivering a significant investment protection and cost reduction.
• Robust capability and adaptability in changing image setting such as changes in lighting conditions, indoor/outdoor scenarios, camera view angles and even PTZ.

Video Profiler Brochure: