Revolutionary Cognitive Vision

Cognitive vision grants cognitive capabilities to computer vision methods, creating state of the art cognitive algorithms. These algorithms are capable of making assumptions, creating hypotheses, remembering, learning from experience, weighing alternative solutions and developing new strategies to try and mimic the human cognitive system. Our technology, which integrates deep learning algorithms with other machine learning approaches, achieves this goal by providing the system with the proficiency of making autonomous decisions, such as making mistakes, learning from those mistakes and improving results based on the process. As a result, our cognitive algorithms bring a new level of resiliency, robustness and adaptation to unforeseen changes.

Artificial Profiler

Video-Inform’s Artificial Profiler is designed with a unique capability that enables it to distinguish and categorize different objects much like humans do cognitively. The Artificial Profiler is capable of profiling general objects separately, such as automobiles. Then, profiling them to unique variations such as SUV’s, trucks, taxis, motorcycles or even categorizing a specific type of car. The Artificial Profiler can detect people in general and profile them according to gender, age, height or weight. For example, the Artificial Profiler can distinguish between a thin man with sunglasses and a beard, or a tall woman with a handbag. It can tackle these scenarios at a high rate of performance because of its innovative approach and built-in capability of self-improvement.