Visual Profiler

Visual Profiler is a revolutionary software for detecting, interpreting, profiling and managing objects in aerial and satellite images. Unlike standard change-detection solutions, our software utilizes a novel cognitive vision approach for performing the task. The Visual Profiler combines an intuitive user interface over an interactive feedback mechanism that continuously increases the precision level of its detections.

Solution Highlights:

• Provides a novel approach to image analysis, based on unique cognitive vision and profiling methodology that mimics human object recognition which enables breakthrough recognition capabilities.
• Unlimited target-object definition and profiling flexibility enabling the differentiation of different objects such as, specific vehicles types, building component (e.g: roofs,and pools) and more.
• On-site continuous improvement made possible through interactive feedback mechanism, allowing the software to reach exceptionally high operational precision with minimum mistakes.
• Deployable as Add-on to existing GIS imagery management system, such as ESRI Arcmap,SOCET GXP.
• The solution can be adjusted to almost any aerial/satellite imagery data received from diverse sensors, thus delivering a significant investment protection to your existing visual imagery.
• Rapid adjustment capability for new operational missions.
• Robust capabilities for changing image setting such as lighting and seasonal affects.
• The solution also includes investigation tools to provide a means of analyzing of aerial/satellite imagery.

Visual Profiler Brochure: